Website Views But No Calls?

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Two questions for you.

  1. How many views does your website get per month?
  2. How many of those people are calling you?

If people are viewing your website they’re either interested in the content you’re producing, or they’re interested (or at the very least, curious) in what you’re offering. But why aren’t they calling?

If people are viewing your website then you must be doing something right. Either you’re generating interest through face-to-face or through referrals. Or you’re being found online, through organic searches or ads. The fact is that people are landing on your website, good job! Now for the next step…

Let me tell you about a past client of mine, let’s call him Jimmy. He was getting thousands of visitors on his website each month, but very few were calling. I wonder why?

What you offer isn’t clear

Although Jimmy was ranking fairly high on Google, he wasn’t converting the visitors he got into calls. Jimmy does video and photography, yet when landing on his Home page it wasn’t so clear what he did. His Home page was an image gallery of past work -and it made one think: is this a photo album or a business? And the heading title was as ambiguous as the website URL. So unless you were familiar with Jimmy’s business beforehand, it would take some time to figure out the exact services he offered.

People need to be able to tell what your business is about in the first few seconds of visiting your website. The purpose of your business and what you’re selling should be clear. Imagine you’re a customer landing on your home page for the first time –could you determine 1) what your business is about And 2) what you’re selling, within 3 seconds?

A lack of trust

As mentioned in my last blog post, a lack of trust is often the determining factor whether someone chooses to do business with you or not. There are several ways you can leverage your website to increase your trust, and they’re fairly easy things to do.

Back to Jimmy. He had his past work listed on his website, but the work wasn’t categorized in individual projects. It was more of a collage than a portfolio page. And although he had plenty of reviews on his Google business profile, he never used them on his website –ouch!

Contact information

Your contact information should be immediately visible if you desire phone calls. The only place Jimmy’s phone number was listed was at the very bottom of his pages in small type. And his contact page only included a form – no phone number! no email address!

No wonder Jimmy never got calls.

If you want leads calling you then don’t hide your phone number. You would think this wasn’t a problem, but some businesses hide their phone number because they would rather be contacted by email. There will always be prospects who are in immediate pain for your services and need to talk to someone right away. And if your contact information isn’t visible in that immediate moment, then your website visitors will probably reach out to one of your competitors for what they need.

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