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"Upwork has been so successful that there is a lot of competition on the website, and that can be a real drawback for people who are new to the site, says Sacha Darosa, owner of a digital marketing agency in Toronto called The Shirtless Web Guy."

upcity mention

"..more of a tool that makes custom coding faster. I like this because it allows me to do a lot of the coding myself, giving me more control over my projects.—Sacha Darosa, Owner, The Shirtless Web Guy.."

usnews mention

"Before I started my business in web design, I created profiles on websites such as Upwork. In the beginning it was a struggle to attract any attention from buyers on those platforms because there's so much competition."

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"..Besides the blog, our contributors also recommend Ahrefs YouTube channel to learn SEO. Sacha Darosa from The Shirtless Web Guy comments on it..

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"..Once I got started, doing anything else no longer seemed like an option to me. I don't think I'm cut out to being an employee. I now run my own digital marketing agency, The Shirtless Web Guy."

wtop mention

“..'Although platforms like Upwork can be helpful in building a portfolio and initial client base, I am glad to be off them and on my own,' Darosa says."

sfgate mention

"Be creative with your ad headlines. Many businesses use generic terms in their ad copy. For example, common Google Ad headlines include "award-winning" or "in business since X." This means nothing to most people. The headline should not be about you; it should be about them. Instead, address a common objection, ask a question, or better yet, speak to a pain point.."

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"Sacha Da Rosa owner of Take Two Digital Marketing, a digital marketing and website design agency located in Toronto.. Between running website builder tools, Adobe Creative Suite software, and SEO software, you’ll need a lot of ram to run everything smoothly. Otherwise, your job can become frustrating, fast.."

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"The first step for me was to pursue programming courses online to learn the necessary technical aspects of developing a website. You should absolutely learn HTML and CSS. Javascript isn’t necessary unless you want to focus on more of a technical role as a web designer. – Sacha Darosa, Owner of Take Two Digital Marketing.."

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