Are you building trust through your website? 4 ways to build trust

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If building a relationship is the key to sales success, then trust is the foundation. We know that trust is essential in making a sale, especially if you’re a new business. Here are 4 ways you can build trust through your website.


Human faces are very powerful. They elicit an emotional response. A study titled Efficiency, Trust and Visual Appeal: Usability Testing through Eye Tracking has shown that visitors find images of people on websites more visually appealing than non-people images, and the ‘trust rating’ was significantly correlated with images of people and faces. We’re constantly exploring the world around us by looking for something familiar. And familiarity builds trust.

Case studies

Your prospects want to see your results. It’s not enough that you’ve told us what you offer and how you can help. People want to see your work. If you’re in a service based business you likely wont have concrete work to showcase, so instead list some case studies on your website. Trust me, it’s one of the easiest ways to build trust.


Show your prospects who you helped in the past. Quotes are not good enough. Anyone can fabricate a quote and a fake name. If you have reviews on your website do yourself a favor and add the person’s full name, along with their head shot. Of course this will require their permission, but it’s worth the hassle.


Have you ever searched for a service, landed on the website, and in the process of looking for a price you were faced with the “Request a quote” button? Of course, some businesses require more details before quoting you a price. But often times they don’t –and in hiding their price they fail in building trust.

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