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cant afford seo

Good news if you’re a small business owner. Fortunately for you, the bulk of your competitors are likely doing very little to increase their rankings through search engine optimization (SEO). Although it takes quite some time to rank on the first page of Google, it’s worth putting some effort into getting there.

You might be thinking, what can ranking higher on Google do for you? Recently, I spoke to a business owner who’s ranked top 3 in all services he offers. He told me that 80% of his clients find him through Google. He doesn’t need to network anymore, nor does he need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising. The bulk of his business comes to him. That’s a golden position to be in.

Imagine having more leads call YOU without effort. Not everyone has $500 – $5000 a month to hire an SEO expert, so here are a few tips:

First, determine the ‘keywords’ you want to rank for

Is it “Lawyer Toronto”? Try again, that’s way too competitive. There are 31,000 people per month who search for that term. It will take years of effort to rank for it. Let’s be more realistic in our expectations.

“Divorce Lawyer in Toronto”, better. This is what we call a ‘long trail keyword’. Long trail keywords are less competitive, thus easier to rank for. There are 480 people per month who search for that term. Ranking in the top 3 for that keyword can mean an extra 100+ leads per month.

Determine your target locations

What cities would you like to target? Targeting a city as big as Toronto will absolutely be more difficult than targeting a city like Oakville. The smaller the city, the less competition. Start with choosing one city.

Produce content

Think of it this way, your website has a pulse. Each time you add new content to it search engines hear a pulse. More often than not, a website without a pulse is a dead website to Google. The most effective way in ranking your website higher is to produce content. This is why digital marketers often recommend that business owners start a blog.

Use keywords in your content

Now you need to include your keyword and variations of it on your website. “Divorce Lawyer in Toronto”, “Lawyer in Toronto for Divorce”, “Divorce legal Toronto”. You get the idea, variation. Pick a few variations of the keyword you want to rank for and write a few thousands words of content that repeats the keywords several times. Producing content consistently throughout your website and writing blogs posts on an on-going basis will definitely increase your search visibility. That’s not to say it isn’t worth hiring an SEO expert on an on-going basis – it absolutely is if you have the marketing budget.

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