Facebook or Linkedin ads: Which is better for generating leads?

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facebook or linkedin ads

So, you’re thinking of running online ads now that it’s becoming apparent that this “new normal” isn’t going anywhere. For the time being, everyone’s stuck at home and seeking new ways to connect, mostly through video chat and social media.

Social media messaging has increased by more than 50%. Video calling has doubled. People are dusting off their neglected Linkedin profiles and logging more time mindlessly browsing through Facebook. Linkedin has seen record engagement levels in 2020. Some months by up to 50%.

What does this mean for online advertising? More eyes!

There are more active users on these platforms than ever. You can advertise to a very specific target and get more results. Whereas before, if you were too specific in your targeting there’s a good chance you would reach fewer people over time.

So, which platform is best for you, Linkedin or Facebook?

Right away it’s clear that Facebook has the advantage. They have a lot more users, and more data. Facebook uses data from other platforms like Instagram (which it owns) in order to make its ads more effective. And the algorithms are more sophisticated. For instance, an algorithm checks to see who is engaging with your ads and advertises it to people who are similar. There’s also Facebook Pixel, which makes your ads visible not only on Facebook, but on websites across that web that have it installed.

However, the advantage that Linkedin has is in specific targeting. It has more targeting capabilities than Facebook, because it has access to data on businesses, job titles, sizes etc. For example, if you wanted to target businesses that have more than 250 employees, you can.

Another advantage that Linkedin has over Facebook is it’s sponsored messaging ads. Instead of seeing advertisements, your targets automatically receive a sponsored message directly in their inbox. You compose a message and it gets sent to your targets inbox as a highlighted message. The advantage here is that it reaches active users, as well as inactive users, because anyone who receives your sponsored message will receive a notification.

Which platform is better? That depends on your marketing strategy. I give the advantage to Facebook because they have much more data at their disposal. Facebook has the advantage especially if you’re advertising long-term, simply because it’s sheer amount of active users compared to Linkedin. But if you’re looking to target a very specific business or person for short marketing campaigns, then Linkedin will give you an advantage from the very beginning.

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