Are you building trust through your website? 4 ways to build trust

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If building a relationship is the key to sales success, then trust is the foundation. We know that trust is essential in making a sale, especially if you’re a new business. Here are 4 ways you can build trust through your website.


Human faces are very powerful. They elicit an emotional response. A study titled Efficiency, Trust and Visual Appeal: Usability Testing through Eye Tracking has shown that visitors find images of people on websites more visually appealing than non-people images, and the ‘trust rating’ was significantly correlated with images of people and faces. We’re constantly exploring the world around us by looking for something familiar. And familiarity builds trust.

Case studies

Your prospects want to see your results. It’s not enough that you’ve told us what you offer and how you can help. People want to see your work. If you’re in a service based business you likely…

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Is your website serving its purpose?

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One of the first actions a prospect will take after learning about your business is to Google it. Or better yet, they will go directly to your website. Prospects will visit your website –whether they learn about your business through word of mouth, through a search, or from the back of your business card. Often times, a visit to your website is the first impression they form of your business.

The Importance of Design

You have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression. Don’t believe me? Look at this.

Let me ask your this: Which of these websites would you be more likely to buy furniture from? Which one looks like a more established brand?

Your Website is More Than your Brochure

So often I hear small business owners tell me “My website is only my brochure. I get all my work from word of mouth”. Understandable, these business…

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3 Reasons why you should start a blog on your website.

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It seems like everybody is starting a blog nowadays. Lawyers, window blind sellers, web designers. Everyone and their mother is launching a blog on their website. And for good reason. A blog allows you to reach your audience on a regular basis. It increases your visibility. It allows you to position yourself as expert in your field, and so much more. 

Quality, consistent blog posts can be used as one of your strongest online marketing tools. I have seen it in other businesses. Businesses with email-lists in the thousands, where 20% of their audience opens their blog posts every other week. Where their blogs remind hundreds, if not thousands of people of their services and that they still exist.

Though it’s not as simple as writing about anything in your industry and hitting ‘send’. The blog posts have to entice and offer value to the readers, and they must be…

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